Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Key Pickup

Tonight I met our landlord and his Mama (our landlady) at our new house to pick up the keys. I have absolutely no idea what all of these go to. That was the purpose of the meeting, and unfortunately, the electricity had still not been turned on. So not only did we not have any light to see by, we've yet to test the electric garage door, the electric metal shutters, the video surveillance system, the doorbell, the automatic gate opener, the light fixtures...the list keeps going. Hopefully, the electricity will be turned on by Friday. Then, I can find out how on earth we will possibly need 11 keys for one house. AND...there's another basket of keys (not a duplication of these; I'm talking about more keys we supposedly need) in the house.  In addition to these keys, we have a garage door opener, some sort of wand thingy for the video surveillance, and four remotes for the four A/C units in the house. I didn't get a good look at the house tonight because it was raining hard, and one drawback I found, our front door does not have an overhang. This means that while one is shuffling through 11 keys to find the correct ones to get through the front door (multiple door, multiple locks), the rain is dripping down the back of one's neck, down the spine, down the pants, and falling onto feet wearing flip-flops in November because one only packed two pair of closed toe shoes, both of which have given recent blisters. Note to self: Do not go grocery shopping on a rainy day. And find some shoes that don't rub blisters.

I had a carload of stuff to unload because somehow, everything does not fit back into four suitcases. In the event we do not get our 2nd car out of the customs lot tomorrow or Thursday (long, long, long and frustrating story that's too demoralizing to repeat as getting a pocketful of keys to a house in a quiet, little, seaside village that's on the Metro line lifted me out of my funk)...what was I saying...oh...if we don't have car #2 to drive to the house on Friday morning, there is no way everything would have fit into the Toyota in one trip. As I was dragging this heavy, X-Large dog crate filled with other stuff out of the trunk, here comes 76 year old Mama (I was wrong about her age on a previous blog) who just grabs one end and starts hauling. I felt terrible and kept saying, "No, no, no," but off she went. I had no choice but grab the other end and try to hang on! We can't wait to move in for good! Please let there be light...

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  1. ohh...yeah...dont i just know how it is...blisters on the feet on the most unconveniant times...., but congrats on the new house n hope everything turns out more than fine....