Monday, October 25, 2010

The Deal is Done

Our housing contract is signed, we've applied for the utilities, and finally (!) have a move-in date. We're set to go for this Friday. I go tomorrow to pick up the keys and drop off a load of things. It can't come too soon, especially because we found out today, after almost seven weeks of living in our government assigned temporary lodging, that we're not actually getting reimbursed for the entire amount of the room. It's a long and frustrating story as to why not and frankly, just makes me angry, so instead I'll focus on our other good news.

In addition to getting our house this week, we will also be picking up our second car (we hope). Although even that was not without it's drama. The car came into Livorno, which is about a six hour drive north. Having not heard anything in awhile, we emailed the company who shipped the car last Wednesday. On Friday, we received a reply from the customs agent in Livorno, with whom we'll be working, and he said, to paraphrase, "Your car came in this past Monday, and after six days, you will begin paying storage fees." Thanks for the heads up. In addition, he's not actually clearing the car into Italy as the shipping agent told us he would. He's giving us a temporary clearance. Then we have to drive it down to Naples, and hire a second custom's agent to give us a final clearance. Nathan and I both spent hours today working on this problem, each dealing with separate issues having to do with the car. is secured, paperwork has been faxed, Crazy Dog care is arranged, transportation to the train station is set, and best of all, we have reservations at a highly-rated (in user reviews) B&B in the walled, Tuscan town of Lucca. It's only a half hour drive from Livorno, so since we have to spend the night up there, we decided to do it in a town so many have raved about to us. This will be our first weekend trip together here, and Nathan's first trip to Tuscany.

The blog is probably going to be updated slowly for the next few weeks. We will not have internet for a month or two. A friend just showed me how to make my iPhone an internet hub, but it will be pretty slow. I'm hoping it will be fast enough for me to at least upload to the blog, but I'm not sure how it will handle adding the pics. We'll just have to see how it goes - only four days, and I'll know!


  1. "Your car," not "you're car." I'm sure Brick will notice, too. What has Italy done to you?

  2. Great news on the house!! I'm sure you'll have lots of visitors. Lucca is a cute little town. We rented bikes & rode the perimeter of the city....highly recommend it. Good luck w/the move in.