Sunday, November 11, 2012

Good Times

Acqua Alta (high water) occurred during our Venice trip. The 6th highest in over 150 years! We are enjoying ourselves anyway...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A New Kind of Travel

Traveling with a baby and a five year old (my niece) means I'm experiencing an entirely new mode of travel. For example, it was VERY IMPORTANT that we take a picture if the Princess PollyPockets standing up. Here are the princesses, overlooking a beautiful, Umbrian vista. Tomorrow, perhaps we'll manage a picture of them on the Rialto Bridge in Venice, the next stop on my one week tour of Italy with my sister, niece, and baby.

Our tour is a little challenging since my niece, while playing on our front terrace, decided to go up to the roof terrace and climb over the railing to walk along the outside ledge. She slipped on "fairy grass" [moss] and fell to the downstairs terrace, landing feet first. Thankfully,she escaped with only one bone broken in each foot and only one foot requiring a cast. She had spent a week playing appropriately, and in sight, on our front terrace, mainly riding the bicycle we got for her while Scully trotted along behind her, occasionally barking at her wheels. So we let our guard down. And now, my niece is seeing Italy from a jogging stroller, which is fine, I guess, since each night, when I ask her what her favorite memory of the day is, her answer is always something to do with eating (or drinking) chocolate.