Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yesterday was my final day of work. And guess where we went to celebrate! To get gelato! It's a real gelateria in Arlington, and the pistachio flavor tasted just like we should already be strolling down those ancient, Italian streets. Nathan went for Chocolate Guiness - it was pretty good but tasted more like regular ice cream.

Today, it was so wonderful to sleep in a little...or I imagine it would have been if Scully the Dog had allowed it. Nathan left about 5:45am, and the Dog promptly decided to stand in our family room and bark. After three episodes of this in half an hour, I made him come into the bedroom and shut the door. He hates the door being shut and proceeded to spend the next hour jumping on the bed and off the bed, on the bed and off the bed, standing over my head and panting, standing at the door and whining - you get the picture.

We hope to put our house on the market by next week, so I've been working on cleaning and organizing. Today has included painting the bathroom ceiling after Nathan's repair to the joint tape, and deep cleaning/staging of the dining room, bathroom, family room, and kitchen. Plus all the ironing and posting a book review on Library Thing (Love Library Thing - it's an online site for the OCD book lover where you can catalog all your books. One of the neat features is that publishers provide pre-releases of books, and users can sign up to review one/month. If you haven't heard of it, check it out!).

This weekend, I'm off to babysit my lovies (niece and twin nephews) while Nathan works in the yard. Oddly, he suggested he'd have an easier time getting his project done without me around telling him how to do it. Confusing.


  1. Good felling huh... I love not working! :)


  2. Scully is happy to have someone home all day :) Good luck with the housing market!


  3. I so miss hearing those Scully stories! Thanks for inviting me to your blog so that I can read all about Scully (and your move to Italy!!).