Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moving Forward

I just realized that I never posted...our boat is sold! Mafalda will officially belong to another couple by this weekend. Actually, she's belonged to them unofficially for over two weeks now. We head out this weekend, during this gorgeous weather we've been experiencing, for a turnover sail. Mafalda will then return home to a new slip at the marina while Nathan & I drown our sorrows at the marina's tiki bar...or at least one of us will. The other one has to drive home (Kids, don't drink & drive...and stay in school). The day we sold the boat was NOT one of the happiest days of our lives, which just goes to show that you really can't trust a cliche.

In addition, tomorrow we sign the listing agreement for our house to go on the market as well. We were all set to list and felt great about the neighborhood "competition" until we found out that a townhome just a few doors down from us hits the MLS tonight...for significantly less than we'd planned for ours. Now we're having to hold off a bit in hopes that this place has a bidding war and goes quickly for well over list (for those of you in different parts of the country, that is actually fairly likely on our street, despite the housing meltdown).

I have a really cool picture to post here, but I'm lazy (really, really, really lazy) with photo organization). To the point that I don't even take them off the camera until the memory card is full. Anyway, the picture is of Nathan and his uncle working in a constant, unrelenting downpour last weekend to get our planter box (large, 3' high, built-in planter box) shortened and off our neighbor's property. They succeeded, although they had to battle the rain and mud that Uncle Ted said was more like cement than mud. Since I spent Monday putting in all new plantings in said planter box, I can now attest to the fact that this mud is no ordinary mud. It's evil and pervasive and still under my fingernails. I returned home from babysitting my three lovies to find they had not just thrown in the proverbial towel and headed down to the local pub. Amazing! Thanks, Uncle Ted!

In other news, Nathan has had an order modification, meaning we now will not leave for Italy until September. I have no idea whether we'll go early or late. I loved it when our Realtors (they're a partnership team) looked at us quizzically and asked where we'd go if the house sells quickly. My response: "I've lived in hotels plenty of times before and for a lot longer than a couple of months." Now finding one that will take Nutjob, I mean Scully, might prove a little more challenging. When we were first moving to the DC area and despaired of ever finding that home that was perfect for us, Nathan suggested we live in a "van down by the river." I suppose we could always revert to that plan, although we have a station wagon, not a van. It would probably be pretty comfy though.

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