Saturday, December 21, 2013

Exploring Paros

One of my favorite Nora pics ever, on Secret Beach
Once again excited about our vacation, we quizzed Georgia on our options for the week. We knew we wanted to do at least one day trip on the ferry to some other islands, and we knew we wanted to rent a car for a day or two so we could explore the rest of the island. We decided to go ahead and rent the car immediately. So far, every local we'd met on Paros had told us that we "had to visit Lefkes," the one main village located "inland." Paros is only 10 miles wide and 21 miles in length, so inland is a loose term. Still, Lefkes was apparently a must see. We dutifully headed straight there. I think Lefkes must be a great little stop in high season. But two weeks before high season began, Lefkes was as dead a village as I've ever seen. Incredibly beautiful, but dead. We parked on the edge of town to walk into the pedestrian village, and in the hour and a half we spent in the village, we saw less than ten people, and two of them were the couple who ran the one open business in town. Thankfully, that village was a cafe. It was Africa hot in Lefkes without the cooling, sea breeze, so a stop for some cold beverages was a much needed break.

Lunch stop in Piso Livardi
We then headed around the perimeter of the island to check out all the beaches. We stopped at some for a look see, but our destination was a beach not really on our map. A couple we'd met at breakfast had told us about Secret Beach, which they proclaimed was the best secret on the island. Our plan was to take a look at the various beaches, maybe visit a monastery, have lunch in a fishing village on the south coast, then spend the afternoon lounging on Secret Beach. The plan went just as planned - nice when that happens - and 2pm found the three of us napping on the "secret" beach. Late afternoon was pool time at Stelia Mare before what was becoming our routine walk through Naoussa before dinner. We passed the same shopkeepers most nights, and we enjoyed being able to smile in familiarity or even stop for a brief chat.

Traveling in southern Europe with a baby generally means being
creative about diaper changes. Nathan found an icky surprise in
this less than ideal changing spot.

Lunch offerings in Piso Livardi

Cafe in Lefkes

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