Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Christmas Market Wrap-Up

Nuremberg Rooftops
I have a few more photos from our 2011 German Christmas Market trip. An old friend drove down from his home in the north to spend a long weekend with us. We took a daytrip to the beautiful and crowded Nuremberg. For a town that was so heavily bombed in WWII, it sure does retain an amazing amount of character. The Christmas Market in Nuremberg was wall to wall people, so by the time we reached the end of the very first aisle, we were already in need of a respite via a cup of gluhvein. And after that drink, we decided we could skip the other aisles, tour the church, and walk around the town. Supposedly, you can climb up into the old city walls and walk along the covered passageway. We found an entrance, climbed some stairs, and ended up in some family’s kitchen. They waved us on, so we climbed some more and found ourselves in an art gallery that seemed to be closed, despite the open door. We took a couple of photos and made our way down to the street and around the corner to the castle, which had amazing views over the city.

Pretty Nuremberg

Inside the Nuremberg cathedral

Schloss Nymphenburg
Back in Munich for our final couple of days, we visited the very large, English Garden, which has a Chinese Tower (and another Christmas Market) in the center of it, peaceful pathways, and the very odd feature of a manmade surf break. These people are cra-cra for sure. Surfing in Germany in December…no, thank you. We also took in a quick walk around Schloss Nymphenberg – while we packed a lot of “seeing” into the days, we didn’t pack in a lot of “doing.” We mainly just wanted to wander around with our friend and visit. Mission complete.

Chinese Tower in the English Garden
Inland Surf Break

One of the more ornate, shop signs in Nuremberg


  1. It's hard to believe it's almost over. But yet, you still have a year and a half of blogs to write. I guess Jan-Apr/May 2012 won't consist of too much, though.

  2. I started re-blogging last year in April and am caught up through November. I think. So I just want to post about Christmas 2012 in Scotland, and then our final months here. Then start thinking about if, what, when for a new blog...