Monday, February 25, 2013

Monster Time

With the freeway open and free of flooding, and a day of rest and relaxation behind us, we headed home with one final stop on the Sister Tour of Italy...the Monster Park! This place has been starred in my Italy guidebook since before we left the USA. A park with fantastical sculptures all over less than three hours away - why did it take me two years to visit? The Monster Park was commissioned by a Duke in the late 1500s in memory of his wife, and the architect was none other than Pirro Ligorio, who finished St. Peter's Basilica after Michelangelo died. The park is even today held privately, but it is open to the public for a fee. I can see that at a better time of year, it must be filled with families as there is a playground, patio with tables, and grassy field, and all this before you even follow the path to enter into the Monster part of the park.
The park has walking path that wander to and around fun, humongous sculptures. It's a place best described with pictures instead of words:

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