Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Interrupt This Program -

Lots going on this summer, and still to come on the blog is the Swiss finish to our vacation, a girl's trip to Istanbul, a quick visit to Sicily, and reporting on the Summer o' Beach (meaning we do a lot of lying about on various beaches). But I'm interrupting the more exciting, trip type stuff to report on Baby news. Actually, Baby gear. I got my shipment of stuff yesterday, most of it given or loaned to me by my sister, mom of three. The military provides us with a fantastic benefit when we live overseas of one shipment of baby gear. There are, or course, several rules, but we qualified. This means new moms (the allowance is only available to first time parents) can get the stuff they actually want, rather than being dependent on our very, very expensive choices out in town or our limited, but more economical, choices on base.

Nathan and I have spent the past few years trying to declutter. I'm worse at it than Nathan, but neither of us has been completely successful. And what do babies bring? Clutter. Stuff. More stuff. Stuff that multiplies and gets bigger as they get bigger. I think we're both having nightmares of drowning beneath piles of baby gear. To that end, we kept our baby shipment small. We have just the basics. The basics do not extend to Baby's clothing. See the picture? That is one out of 8 or 9 loads of laundry and only includes what my sister is loaning me - it does not include the stuff we've already bought or received as gifts. When my baby goods arrived yesterday, the clothes, including lots of blankets and some very bulky type items for cold weather, all fit nicely into two plastic tubs and one additional box. Then I made the mistake of opening those tubs and soon, Scully and I found ourselves trapped under piles of baby clothes that were multiplying like little Gremlins. Scully was running scared - his world is about to be completely rocked.

I can see my future now, and it has made me run, not walk, to Pinterest for every organizing tip in the book. Our biggest problem is that while we live in a decent size house, we have NO closets. This is Europe, people. No closets. We have a cantina with wonderful shelving...and everything in the cantina grows mold. We have a closet in our garage. When it rains, is it's wont to do all winter long, that closet streams water down it's walls...which equals mold. So where to turn? Under the bed space, which is all currently in use. Wardrobes, ditto. The key is to aggressively weed out belongings (please note, the key is not to cut down on baby clothes. Baby clothes are cute, and from what I hear, babies vomit a lot, so lots of clothes are actually necessary, esp to people who have a fickle dryer). So I dive into closets and wardrobes with every intent of throwing out things like the cigar boxes I bought six years ago when we were stationed in Key West, but then I realize all the things cigar boxes are good storing tiny baby things. I study my shoe organizers and contemplate getting rid of some of my high heels, but I'm just not ready to face the fact that, since I stumble when wearing heels without a baby in my arms, my high heel days will be disappearing for the next several years. So I turn to my purses, which Nathan believes I could easily cut down. He is incorrect. I use all my purses, except for the bright red, leather, triangle tote that is so gorgeous. I have used it once, and I looked fabulous. The rest of the time it sits neatly organized on my purse shelf making me happy. But me thinks when one has a baby, one does not get a neatly organized purse shelf, or even a neatly organized purse. One gets an ugly, plastic-like, humongous diaper bag to carry around yet more baby stuff. In February, when I was visiting my sister, we went to a consignment store, and I found a very pretty, Coach tote bag that I thought would work perfectly as a diaper bag. My sister just laughed and laughed. Apparently, Scully isn't the only one about to have a rocked world.


  1. Feel free to send all those purses and high heels my way! Especially those turquoise ones you bought a while back..I sure hope you haven't thrown those out!

  2. I have not thrown them out. And you'll be first in line for them if I do! Which I might. Someday soon. Very soon.

  3. OK I get it no more clothes until you say you need them

  4. Rubbermaid tubs are great storage tools. Michael's next size up (and the next 2-3 sizes up) are in these which are stacked in a corner in the guest room. Oops, I mean his room. He only has a tiny space in there, so I forget it is actually his. You know how small our place is!

  5. I love this post and the picture of you and Scully! :)

  6. Leave it to my child to, instead of saying how much she enjoyed the post or anything nice, she lines up for your leftovers. But your leftovers are very nice!

    Love you all!

  7. Mom, No...I said the key is to NOT cut down on baby clothes!
    Lisa, I hear you! We are using our 3rd bedroom which is the size of a large closet and already holds a Twin bed and file cabinet (which cannot be moved elsewhere). Next size up clothes are going in Space Saver bags in the bottom of the pack 'n' play (i.e., crib) since we have about 3 months of being able to use it with the mattress up high.
    Jenny, Thanks. I love the pic, too. Although it's pretty rare for him to actually sniff my belly. He's far more interested in smells in, ahem, private areas.
    Katrina, In her defense, they are super cute shoes. And she's wanted them for years. I should just face the fact that they'll get more use in Britt's closet than in mine.

  8. Me thinks with just one child, the lovely coach tote may work just fine... Can't wait to see! Love you,

  9. Haha! Just love your post! I really agree with you...

  10. I think the Coach tote will work just fine. I had one with my first child and then I switched to a Vera Bradley tote when I had my second. You can be a mom and still be fashionable - and by the way, I wore heels until the week before my due date :)

    1. I wish I could wear heels! But that would mean buying new ones since I haven't fit into anything other than slides and flip-flops for the last four months! I just hope my feet really do go back down to their original size.