Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yep, Pretty as we Thought

Before getting on the road to France we checked out the port again. Postcard perfect. Then we drove 5 kilometers along a windy, coastal road to Portofino, mainly because just the name calls up visions of Hollywood glamour. A quick stroll through town gave us the highlights of this small, pretty village with a mega-yacht filled harbor. No pics to post now of Portofino - domani, domani. And I'm using "domani" in the classic, Italian tradition to mean much later or never.

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  1. Lisa and I got to visit Portofino on our Mediterranean cruise. That and Florence were our two "tastes of Italy", and Portofino won hands down in my book. The biggest yacht actually docked belonged to Merv Griffith. He waved back to the tourists from the safety of his lounge area.