Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nathan's Pilgrimage

We've had an exciting weekend visiting one of my favorite cities and giving Nathan the chance to see a city he's longed to visit since being a child in the 80s. Here's a hint:

Italy link:

U.S. link:

[Edited on 11/17 so that hopefully, those of you in the U.S. can open]


  1. Uh uh. The link doesn't play in the USA - literally! When clicked, YouTube launched and a message appears reading: "The uploader doesn't play in your country." The title shows, so I know it's an Inxes video, but dat's it :-(

  2. Uh-oh. Sorry about that. It is possibly corrected now, but I have no way of knowing. Could someone in the U.S. try out the link and just post a comment if it works?

  3. Well I can't see youtube on my computer at work, so I tried it on my iPod. It says the video owner hasn't made it available on mobile. So you, video owner, make it available on mobile and I'll see if I can pull it up.


  4. I think the video owner must be whoever posted it on youtube in the first place. If not, then we have reached the limit of my technological know how. Thankfully for you, Katrina, you already know where we spent the weekend. But thanks for checking the link!

  5. The U.S. link works fine on a computer.