Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Napoli Tailors

Nathan's aunt sent me the link to a video about the tailors of Naples. The video is actually a five minute preview of a larger documentary. I wanted to share the link with all of you. One, there is fabulous footage of the gorgeous architecture here in Naples. All those grand old buildings we start to take for granted just because of the sheer volume. And two, a segment I particularly liked near the end of the preview: One of the tailors is speaking of how Naples is different from the other big cities, the fashion cities, because the city has retained it's small, family, craft firms. Then a tailor holds up a suit-in-progress, with all the markings and basting stitches, and says, "How much is this worth?" We get to see the care, the handwork, the skill that goes into making the suits, just like I got to see at the Glove Factory. Extended families in a workshop together, each doing their part on every piece coming out of the shop. And what a microcosm of Naples. Most shops are still like these - family owned, run, and worked. I've often said here that Naples is the America of my childhood, both the good (locally owned stores, everyone in the neighborhood knows your name, hospitality) and the bad (children don't go in car seats, everyone smokes, littering is rampant), so I wonder what the next decades will do to these family owned businesses producing or just selling products on a small scale.

O'Mast - about the Tailors of Naples

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