Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday -

- to my wonderful husband! I'm going to take this opportunity to copy my creative friend Tina, over at The House of Bamboo and Avocados, with a few of my favorite Nathan pics:

...and one of my favorite things about Nathan is evident in the last photo. My engineer husband is patiently explaining how this stone circle lines up with the sun, despite the fact that his wife is (most likely) completely ignoring him and instead, studying the surrounding bushes for a possible leprechaun sighting. Thank you, DH, for being who you are - here's to another 50 or so shared birthdays.


  1. I hope Nathan is having a fabulous birthday. Is he actually riding today, or when is that?

  2. Cheers to Nathan! I loved your post and also that you mentioned my blog too! Great photos, hope Nathan has an amazing new year full of laughter, good times and amazing adventures (o.k., you guys already have the amazing adventure box pretty checked off!). xo Tina, Adam and FInn Mac Cool ( we loved the Irish Goody Box too, just got it yesterday, thank you so much!!!).