Thursday, August 4, 2011

True Naples

Naples is one of Europe's densest cities, with a population of 8500 per square kilometer (1 kilometer = .6 miles). That many people packed into small spaces leads to the inevitable societal woes - bad traffic, trash issues, crime. But Naples is so much more than all the ills that are used to describe her. On the Castle Day with my friends, I took the above shot from the base of Castel dell'Ovo. It captures the spirit of Naples, with the boats representing the heavy role of the sea - from providing those delectable treats that sustain the tastebuds of locals and travelers alike to the ferries plying the water to the sun seekers lounging on the beaches, the beautiful architecture in the buildings along the waterfront - showing just how beautiful Naples really is underneath the grime of city life on many of the buildings, and along the seafront, a beautiful park with its trees just peeking up and the sprawl of seaside development covering the hillside.

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