Friday, August 26, 2011

Ring Forts of the Ring of Kerry

Photos of the amazing Ring Forts of the Ring of Kerry. For the blog text on our drive of the Ring, scroll down to the next post. There are no records of the Ring Forts original uses, prevailing theory is that they were used as a defensive retreat - as in, bring in the animals and the women (probably in that order) to protect against marauders. But maybe they were homes of powerful chieftans...or maybe ceremonial...or maybe storehouses.

Staigue Ring Fort, our first and the most dramatic, set in such a remote place
Staigue Ring Fort from the inside - I especially liked how the curve of the stone coincidentally mirrored the curve of the surrounding hills
Ring Fort Cahergall
A bonus with Cahergall and Leacanabuaile was we could walk on top of the walls - views of the sea, castle ruins (the one from the Coke machine picture), and another ring fort, what a neat experience
Ring Fort Leacanabuaile - this one has an underground passage

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