Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Italian Bride

Often when we're out, we run across a wedding or a bride having her photographs taken or a reception marching through town. One day a couple of weeks ago, while resting our aching feet in the grand Piazza Plebiscito and looking over at the former Royal Palace, we noticed the wedding party that had been having photographs done had moved to the center of the piazza. As we looked on, a driver brought around this nifty, little car and the photographer proceeded to have the bride drape herself all over the hood of it. While I was still wondering how she avoided getting dirt and tire soot and road grime all over her pretty dress, the industrious photographer had moved on to the next sequence. We lucked out by being in a prime spot behind the bride, and we were able to snap this pick, with Mount Vesuvius peeking through the edges of the palace.

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