Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Galway and Connemara

I think we would have loved Galway. Except it rained our entire 40 hours. And not just the misty type rain that is merely annoying, but full on, pavement pounding rain. Do you know what doesn't keep that kind of rain out? A collapsible, travel umbrella that only cost 6 euros and an only slightly more expensive jacket in a packet. In an effort to not break our streak of nightly pub music, we did shuttle off to a yummy dinner (at Ard Bia, highly recommend it!) and then a pub, where we lasted about 20 minutes. We did not walk through the romantic streets, down the pedestrian pathways, or take in the city park. But I'm sure the city is lovely. Just sure of it.
We'd originally planned a huge driving day throughout the entire region, but since we'd had several big driving days in a row, our new plan was to just enjoy Galway. One look out the window and a quick check of the weather forecast, and it was back to a modified Plan A. We decided to head through the Connemara region up to Kylemore Abbey, mainly because we heard it had a nice, little cafeteria with tea and scones. Don't tea and scones sound wonderful for a gray, rainy day? Kylemore Abbey did not disappoint, and the gray skies only added atmosphere to the Gothic architecture. It was perfect...not really, but I tried to make the best of weather conditions to which I am not suited.
The drive around the region was beautiful - remote, quiet, full of lakes and waterfalls spilling down the hills.

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