Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Living in a Beach Town

Today, you get two blog posts...
It's almost 11pm and some sort of rave seems to be going on in our village piazza. I don't know this for sure because I can't see it from my house. You'd think I would have noticed the music when it started, but only subconsciously. My real awareness came when the man speaking (shouting) over the microphone said the word, "tonight." That's right - 30 minutes of discotheque music didn't phase me, but one English word grabbed hold. I would love to go down to the party, mingle, eat gelato, have a drink, but did I mention it's 11pm? That's the old fogey in my talking. I'm probably going to head down there and check it out, if for no other reason than to lay eyes on an apparent outdoor discotheque going on in the middle of the week. I love living in a tourist town. No really, I do. Despite the fact that our weekends are now spent fighting traffic both in and out of our town - beachgoers on their way further out the peninsula, where the best beach clubs are. Despite the rumors that our coffee bar is soon to be completely overrun and packed at all times. Goodbye any chance I had at becoming a "local" by repetitious visits for morning coffee. We must have moved in at the perfect time, just as winter was settling into the region and families holed up at home for their long winter nights. But now, doors are thrown open, cafes have sprung up out of seemingly direlict buildings, days are filled with the nearby shouts of families at the beach, and this is the second rave of the week (and it's only Wednesday!). Our little piazza (read, traffic congested roundabout) has truly come to life, and I'm enjoying the vibrancy. Fireworks just ended (they're a nightly occurance now) and "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black-Eyed Peas is playing. And now, we dance...


  1. This is right up your alley!! You hang in there and keep going for your morning coffee! Just act like a local with your great you'll fit right in. Too bad crazy dog can't join you in the square... he loves a party :)