Sunday, May 1, 2011

On the Road Again

We are in Crete - yay! We finally made it to Greece. Nathan has some work to do, and I have tagged along. If you're reading this post, it means I haven't had time to post anything about our actual trip, like our hotel - which is in a fabulous location in the town of Chania, or the food (I am sooooooooo excited - I might even like desserts made of nuts and honey even more than I like gelato), or our activities (hiking in the Samaria gorge, sunset cruise, walking through the Old Quarter of Chania, driving through mountain villages - we hope to do all of these things). I'm actually typing this post up before we leave Naples and putting a delayed upload time. I have no idea what our hotel internet will be like. Supposedly the hotel has WiFi in it's public areas, but on the website, it says the internet is not free, while on a hotel booking website, it says it is. Regardless, many hotels with WiFi in the "public" areas is code for "our WiFi is broken" or "we don't actually have WiFi." We'll see. I hope to be able to blog on the road, perhaps each morning, while enjoying a cup of coffee and whatever it is Cretans eat for breakfast. Are people from Crete really called Cretans? That doesn't seem right. I'll have to check on it. So for now, I suppose this blog will be more about "In Search of Baklava" than "In Search of Gelato."
αντίο (Bye) for now.

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  1. Yay for baklava! Not sure that it beats gelato, but eat some for me anyway. Preferable, some warm, fresh out of the oven, flaky crust baklava.