Friday, May 6, 2011

A Few Observations

I've spent much of the week just wandering around Chania's Old Quarter. I now feel like I've explored all the alleys and shops, so tomorrow, I (we) will begin venturing beyond this city. We have a big hike planned, a day at the beach, and I'm trying to get on a tour to some important, Minoan ruins as well, maybe a tour around some mountain villages as well - an actual tour this time. I'm not getting on a public bus to anywhere other than a major city again. In my wanders, I've made a few observations and found some interesting things.

(1) On Crete, stray dog and cat roles are reversed. Cats chase dogs - I've seen this more than once. Cats do the begging while one sits at the restaurants' outdoor tables. They sit, just like a dog, and stare intently at your table for the duration of the meal. Dogs are very busy with no time to laze around or stop for a sniff.

(2) The old ladies are like old ladies - they walk very slowly and carefully. Very unlike Italian old ladies, who will throw you to the ground and walk over your body to get to the front of the line.

(3) The air, in general, carries the smell of honeysuckle and citrus blossoms and the sea. Except for when it smells like sour milk - probably due to all the yogurt consumption. But on that note, I don't know how we're going to go back to eating American yogurt. No offense to Yoplait, because I like Yoplait, but having tasted Greek yogurt, I'm no longer sure Yoplait is actually yogurt. I have never tasted anything like the yogurt here with honey on top - it's a multi-purpose, delicious food, good for breakfast, snack, or dessert. I might like the yogurt with honey better than the baklava.

(4) In America, public restrooms offer dispensers for feminine hygiene or reproductive prevention. Here, you can get a toothbrush.

I've taken lots of great photos, but I don't have my photo editing software with me, so at the end of the trip, I'll do a post of my favorites. For now, here are a few more interesting pics:
Many older men here carry worry beads.
The Old Quarter is dotted with these miniature churches. Their doors open, and inside...

Are you interested in owning your very own falling down ruin in Chania's Old Quarter. If so, here's what about $75,000 will buy you:

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