Sunday, April 3, 2011


For the three (maybe even four!) people out there who like to read each and every post, I'm hoping to get at least one post a day uploaded in the coming week or two - some days, more than one post. If you don't "follow" the blog, you have a couple of options. You can click on "Follow" at the very top of the page. I believe you can sign in using your email address if you use Gmail. You then have a dashboard and can "follow" any blogs you especially like (such as this one - hint, hint) in one place - and if you like, there is a setting to receive an email when your followed blogs have a new post. You can do the same thing with Google Reader, where you can list all your favorite websites and "follow" them in one place rather than constantly having to visit different sites. For those with a droid,  iphone or ipads, there is an RSS app (free). Once downloaded, you input any blogs or websites you wish to follow and then, each time you open the RSS app, new posts are automatically downloaded. And P.S., I already posted  once today, so scroll down to see the latest.

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