Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Volterra Catch Up

I completely forgot to mention one of the most interesting things about Volterra! K and I found this beautiful, stone pathway on our way to the "other side of town" - Volterra is very small, so the other side of town was less than a 10 minute walk. As we walked along, we noticed this old fortress up on the hill. Thinking it was some sort of tourist site to visit, we checked the guidebook that night to see if we'd want to visit it in the morning. We definitely do NOT want to visit it. This is a Medici fortress, about 500 years old, and now a maximum security prison holding only 30 of the criminals the Italian government consider the most dangerous. I suppose an old fortress is a pretty good place to use for this sort of thing.

And now, as I've done with the other cities from this trip, a few more photos:
A Foggy Morning in Volterra
The Roman ruins were even more interesting as they appear out of the fog
We were able to peek through some doorways and windows; Volterra was full of interesting ceilings - arches & frescoes abound.
Despite being above the clouds, the Tuscan sunset was stunning

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