Saturday, March 5, 2011

Final Trip Photos

And here are the rest of the Siena photos that I wanted to share...

Siena's Main Square, Il Campo
Duomo interior - reminds me of a Dr. Seuss book
We spotted this through an open doorway on a quiet street - no idea of it's significance, but wouldn't you love to ride in this carriage!
Duomo exterior is so ornate and fun
Duomo exterior again - I loved how this lion seems to be looking right at me
We came across this...thing while attempting a shortcut to Siena's market; it's not listed in any of my guidebooks. There are two more arches just like this one, a pool of water in the covered area (filled with koi) and a tiny amphitheater. We liked the two decorative lions here having a little chit-chat.

Several times, we found ourselves on a road with a view towards this church. We never found out the name of it, but we always paused to enjoy the view.
Panoramic View of the Duomo and the rolling hills of Tuscany

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