Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why You Should...

...always bring an empty suitcase if you're traveling to or through Italy!

The windows in Venice are irresistible, so filled with shiny, sparkly things. Both Venice and Florence were home to some beautiful, paper stores. We concentrated on those that were specific artist studios, with paper, books, and other lovelies made of the owner/artist's designs. Scarfs are very (!) popular here right now, and we were sucked in by a dapper, young fellow in the market who immediately began using us as his models to tie our scarves about 27 different ways. He hooked us both when he tied one in a huge, fluffy bow and said, "We sometimes call this the Grace Kelly." We, who? Actually, who cares, I'll take three scarves, please. The large cones of yarn are my Best Find, at only 2euro per cone in Siena's street market. Since I don't think any knitters read this blog, this will mean nothing, so just trust me, it's beyond amazing. And my Favorite Find is the little piece of Venice street art. I love the light in it, and can't wait to have it framed.

My friend and I returned from our trip on Thursday night. I was very ill all day Thursday and spent all of Friday in bed. Thus, I still haven't started blogging about our trip. Pictures will take awhile to post, too, as I have over 1000 to go through! I took over 700, and my friend took almost 300. Nathan's only question was, "How on earth did you possibly take 700 pictures?" Not, "Why is your suitcase so much heavier?" or "Why do you have an extra bag than the one you left with?" or "What was your favorite site?" Nope...only, disbelief at the sheer volume of photos. But on trips, I'm a picture taker. I love panoramic views and close up shots of interesting door handles. I love the play of the light on the bows of the gondolas and the sheer multitude of Japanese tour groups loading their entire group into those same gondolas, screaming all the while. I love the mask filled windows of Venice and the sunset light hitting the pink and green marble on Florence's Duomo. I take pictures of all of it. I'll start blogging on the actual trip in the next few days.

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