Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Venice Quick Post

Venice is even more beautiful than I remembered. I had the opportunity to visit Venezia eight years ago, and counted it then as one of my top three favorite cities in the world. Lovely Venice can retain her crown on my list. We have left off several of Venice's top sights b/c all of Venice is a museum. We did visit the islands of Murano (glassmaking) and Burano. Murano is overwhelming in all of it's shiny, sparkly glory. We managed to escape the island without dropping hundreds if euros on art piece necklaces, but it was touch and go for awhile. Next up was a visit to Burano, where Venetian lace was made. Now it's full of shuttered shops or open ones filled with tacky, machine-made lace junk. There was one fabulous store open that also has a private museum, Meletti d'Arte dalla Lidia. Since the Lace Museum was closed, I am so glad we got to see this shop's museum. Handmade lace is truly a work of art and labor of love. While Burano was completely dead - no people, restaurants, shops - I can just imagine it on a bustling day. The island is charming and colorful, and were it not for the cold, I would have felt like I was in the Caribbean or Florida Keys. Well...the cold and all the laundry hanging outside the windows. But that began my obsession with "Burano Laundry" photos. Dark clothes against the brightly painted houses were irresistible.

We ended that day with a cichetti crawl like the locals. Stop in at a bar (here in Venice, a bar is a bar), have a glass of wine and a little snack (sort of like a tapas plate). Fun.

I'll have to add photos after the trip is over.

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