Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Moving In

Friday was a whirlwind with three sets of movers - household goods, express shipment, and the Housing Department delivery of our loaner appliances and furniture (stove, fridge, washer/dryer, kitchen hutch, electrical transformers, and three wardrobes). We'd hoped the three would be staggered, but they were all there at the same time. On top of the 11 movers, our landlord and his mother were there with various workmen all day. I have no idea what the purpose of the inspections done by the housing department was since the house was not at all ready for move-in. In addition, at least two of the items that were on the first two failed inspections had not been repaired, so how did the house pass the third inspection? The new city gas resulted in the hot water heater needing replacement and some sort of replacement fixtures on the gas stove connection. The house had not been cleaned at all, the landlord still had all sorts of personal items in the garage and wine cellar, and the garage door, alarm system, and video surveillance system didn't work. BUT...with us moving in, the landlord had workmen on the problems all day Friday and Saturday. The only things left are the alarm and video systems, and I have an appointment with "The Electric Man" on Wednesday to work on those. It's frustrating to me not that we moved in when the house wasn't ready, but that we were delayed for so long for nothing.
Scully is loving his yard. He gallops around it, and paces on this tall wall and grassy area that overlook the back patio. We inherited two cats, and Scully loves just sitting in the grass and staring up at the wall they use as their dog escape hatch. He comes into the house looking like some sort of jungle dog with flowers, leaves and branches sticking out of his hair.

We've been so focused on getting unpacked quickly that we've yet to explore the area. We did go to dinner at a nearby trattoria on Sunday night. The food was delicious, but I was surprised at how expensive it was. We've generally found restaurants to be very reasonable in cost. We'll have to keep exploring. Nathan has a coworker who lives nearby, and she just told him about some great places that are also within walking distance of our house. We're looking forward to the exploring!


  1. So glad you finally got moved in. Now you can get settled before we arrive in just under 5 months!

  2. I've read Nov. 17 down... wow! You are blessed. So glad you are enjoying Naples! I wish I was there RIGHT THIS SECOND! (As it is more inviting than the screaming and crying I am listening to just now!) ;-) Love to you, Steph. Take Care, S