Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We have sold our home. Yippee! Or rather, we have a contract. I have to temper my excitement as you never know what will happen between contract ratification and closing day. However, we feel great about the buyer, the process, the timing, and so on. Actually, I firmly believe this is the Lord’s timing. We set our main personal property move for July 12-14. We had to just guess a date. When might the house sell, when might the new owner wish to take possession, would the new buyer be willing to negotiate our timing at all, and so on. All complete guesses. (We had a contract offered 7 weeks ago in which the buyer was completely unwilling to make a concession on the timeline – among other issues as well - so this whole timeline thing has been a source of anxiousness for me). For this contract, the buyer is pretty firm on her closing date as well…for July 16th! I couldn’t believe it. It’s the exact date I prayed for. Our moving truck will pull away on the 14th, and then I have one day for light cleaning & wall touch-ups on moving scrapes.

Naturally, the process couldn’t go too smoothly though. When all these guesses started happening, they revolved around Nathan’s work trip to Italy in July (supposedly leaving the evening of July 16) for 10 days. I hoped to move out, close, Nathan immediately goes out of town, and my sister invited me (and Scully) to the beach with her for the time that Nathan’s gone. Voila. Short term housing solved until August. Nathan now leaves next week. My sister & I are moving forward with our beach trip, but Nathan & I are trying to figure out if we can find a 6 week sublet, or can he sleep on someone’s sofa for the weekdays (and come to the beach on the weekends), and so on. Immediate update: While I was typing this post, my email dinged with a response from one of my craigslist, sublet inquiries. There is a cute (by the photos anyway) rental available right in downtown Annapolis for August. A summer month in Annapolis would be great fun! “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Nathan & I went to dinner at our fabulous, neighborhood restaurant located across the street from our house (Vaso’s Kitchen), and at dinner, we discussed how chaotic the preparations for this move have been. Nathan said he has this vision of us sitting down to a nice dinner in Italy, looking around at our home, and saying, “I don’t know how all those pieces ended up getting us here, but somehow, it happened.” That’s what our life is like right now – one of those 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. And we’re just following Puzzle 101: Get the corners.

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  1. Congrats on the house!! A huge relief I'm sure. We'll likely refinance ours in Cameron Station next year. We'll miss you guys! Good luck w/the move... I'm sooo jealous! Take care!