Sunday, February 28, 2010

Step One

We created our To Do list for getting the house ready to sell. For something that I think looks well-maintained already, that list is awfully long. Nathan began ripping out our back fence, which is the biggest (and really only) project that must be done before listing. We have LARGE, built-in planter boxes with three mature bush/trees. Sadly, these planter boxes are built up to the fence...which as it turns out, is on our neighbor's property. She is putting up a new fence, and quite understandably, would like our planters off her property. We tend to first get quotes from professionals, then when we get the quote, tear it up and say, "Why pay somebody when we can do that for 1/3 of the price." Then about halfway through the project, "Why aren't we just paying somebody else to do this?" We'll see how this one goes. I'm sure it will be easy, especially since my role will probably be something along the lines of standing on the deck providing helpful "suggestions."

We also showed our boat today (please let them buy it, please let them buy it, please let them buy it.). We only have four weeks left in our marina slip. Then we have to move the boat to an as yet undetermined location.

Today, I also found there are just loads of short-term, furnished rentals in great neighborhoods (that take a dog) around here. So assuming our house sells, we may not be living in the local Motel 6 after all. My original plan was for us to move into my sister's house. This is a house that she does not yet own. It's a mythical house that lives in both of our minds. She is house-hunting and does plan to buy a house, but who knows what that timeline looks like. And when I suggested to Nathan that we move into her spare bedroom (or possibly, just the mythical futon in her mythical family room), which will mean an approximate 1.5 hour commute one way for him, and he'd then return home at night after said commute to a house with three children under age 3 plus our nutso dog running amuk, he responded with utter silence. But that might have meant yes.


  1. Good luck with all the preps prior to the move... I'm sure everything will work out fine! Erlina

  2. I'm sure he meant to say say in his silence... Charley would LOVE for Uncle Nathan, Auntie and Scully to live with her!-SK